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All about russian way to snowboard. And my way to survive.

I am ready (as fuck)

Next and first race of this season’s world cup is next weekend! I think i have done everything that i could to prepare, so now the best i can do is to sit here in be very confident in my good result. And watch hart of dixie.

First European Cup Challenge

Lazy as usual i update only 3 days after the real events. 

On Saturday and Sunday we had 2 EC GS races in Lachtal, AUT. This race was actually more serious than it seemed to be at the first place. I was not aware that some athletes used it as a chance to get to World Champs, what i am saying - everyone rode good and the race was packed with world cup athletes. It was a good chance to see what shape i was in. The first day was brutal- very steep slope to start with and furious conditions - gusty wind and snowfall plus low visibility made it a real challenge. Mentally i was ready to go home as soon as 2nd quali run was over. Did not have to wait long - got edged by Bella Laboeck in 2nd round and finished 7th after all.

Second day’s weather gave us a perfect race with chalk hard snow and bluebird sky. Started off pretty slow in qualifiers and then moved into solid finals, I showed some good riding and ended up 2nd. In the big final I raced Marion Kreiner and must say I respect her stability and her line is always perfect, the one to learn from. Congrats everyone on a good weekend. That was a good practice before Carezza (21.12.12.) which hopefully will have similar conditions.

I am stoked to have some chill out training in Kaprun, Austria our home base (kind of) where we stay every year since i got on the team in 2006. It feels like home here and I really enjoy being here when we are off races. Gives me that crucial feeling of coziness that only a home can. 

PS I am listening to some shitty Fader podcast right now so it makes me retarded i guess i forgot to say how stoked i am on my result! I MEAN THIS IS THE FIRST EURO PODIUM SINCE WORLD CHAMPS! YAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

2013. The start.

I needed a change. And this year we have changed it all. New equipment, new coaches, new training system, new places. I had a lot of first-timers this summer. My first serious pre season training, first time in New Zealand, Costa Rica, Panama, Canary Islands, first 134m bungee jump. First time after the injury i felt like the riding actually doesn’t suck. My first victory in 1  1/2 years. Maybe it was just a FIS race but it was sure a decent one.

I am ready for the season. Olympic race is on and things might get hot. One friend of mine asked me how bad i wanted to win again. I wanted it real bad. Now more than ever.

Winter season officially starts for us here in Abzakovo. While Europe is waiting for snow and north americans are killing it in North America as usual we’ve got what we’ve got and proud of it.